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Comodo CA announced today that it will now be known as Sectigo moving forward.

This was a decision that has been in the works for a while now and stems from the acquisition of the Comodo Certificate Authority by Francisco Partners almost a year ago.

It's a needed action, required to avoid confusion between two different companies: Comodo and Comodo CA.

The new Sectigo brand manifesto:

We are at the edge of a digital revolution, an untamed frontier full of opportunities, and of pitfalls. Standing at the ready, between you and those who’d take advantage — is us.
We think collaboration. We breath security. Our drive is helping you.
When we sleep, we dream of innovations.
When we wake, we pioneer solutions — and deliver them to you.
We never stop, because they never stop. For over 20 years, we’ve built tools that protect and empower users — from the biggest brands to the smallest sites — to connect, to discover, to prosper.
So, blaze your trail and seize your tomorrow with Sectigo.

What is changing now that Comodo CA is Sectigo?

This is primarily a branding change, so pretty much anything with Comodo CA branding is being updated to the new Sectigo logos and colors. Sectigo is also using this as an opportunity to streamline its website and interfaces with the aim of improving customer experience.


What’s not changing with the Sectigo rebrand?

Sectigo is still the same company that has over 20 years of industry experience and the largest market share of any commercial CA. Its DNA is still the same. It’s still the company that has issued over 100,000,000 SSL certificates in over 150 countries. It’s just rebranding to distance itself from the Comodo group.


What will change in DomainRegister's SSL offer?

All the Comodo CA SSL certicates, included in our offer, in next coming days will be rebranded as Sectigo.

Pricing will not change as a result of the rebrand.





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