17th Dec 2019

Email classified as spam due to its connectivity IP

Photo credit: Neil Rhodes With increasing frequency it happens that users ask us for support because the emails sent by them are incorrectly classified as spam by the recipient server ... and that eventually it emerges that the problem is not in the email service, but in the IP provided by their provider of connectivity.   Why does this ...

30th Sept 2019

SSL PAYBACK! Promotion

The market of SSL certificates is, for the operators of this sector, one of the opportunities not to be missed: SSL certificates are now an indispensable feature for any website, and free certificates like Let's Encrypt are often not enough to satisfy all user's needs: and this need for higher class SSL certificates can become the "commercial ...

10th Sept 2019

New Amendments to .SE and .NU Domains Terms and Conditions

Revised Terms and Conditions are applicable to .SE and .NU domains, and will take effect on September 30, 2019 from the registry, IIS Registry. No action is required and domain name registrations are not affected: as a domain holder, you need to read through the new Terms and Conditions but you do not have to do anything to maintain your domain ...

31st Aug 2019

Register your .srl domain ... for just € 9.97!

Register your own, custom .srl domain ... for just € 9,97!!!! The domain extension .SRL is directed especially to limited liability companies in Spanish speaking countries as well as in Italy and Romania using S.R.L. as their legal form. .SRL domains are only available to companies that are administered as Sociedad de Responsabilidad ...

31st Aug 2019

Donuts TLDs price change increase (effective 1st October, 2019)

On October 1, 2019 over 200 TLDs managed by Donuts will increase their price of 1 to about 4 USD Increased pricing will be applied to all new registrations and to the renewals of existing domain names. Until September, 30th renewal and registration orders can be entered at the current price, thus avoiding higher future costs. We also remind you ...

25th Jul 2019

Credit Balance Smart Notification

A little but useful widget has been added in our client area: in the "Credit Balance" sidebar, you can set up an automatic alert, based on the sum necessary to renew domains and services in a given number of days. So, if you set i.e. "30 days", you'll get an alert by email when your current prepaid credit will not be sufficient to pay all the ...

10th Jul 2019

Introducing the .eu eligibility to EU citizens

On March 29 the new .eu Regulation was published in the Official Journal of the European Union. The new Regulation aims to adapt the current rules to the fast-changing domain name industry in order to strengthen the link with the growing Digital Single Market which focuses on European values like multilingualism, privacy protection, and ...

12th Jun 2019

Domain promo - june 2019

Domain registration promo validity: until june 30th, 2019 Promo price apply only for new registration (no renewals, no tranfers), and only for first year of registration.   normal price promo ...

10th Jun 2019

Important news in the management of .it IDN domains

IDN domains are those that contain special characters (eg accented letters, diacritics, etc.) Until now, both for registration and for each subsequent management operation, it was necessary to specify these names after converting them to the Punycode format. In order make management simpler, from today it is also possible to specify them using ...

12th Apr 2019

Extended support for Sectigo (ex Comodo) SSL Certificates

Sectigo logo

New features have been added to our system, to allow even greater and easier management of Sectigo (formerly Comodo) SSL certificates.

Our users can now order and manage the release of Sectigo certificates of type DV, OV, EV or Wildcard with maximum ease and safety.