DomainRegister is an historical brand, which has been providing domain name registration and hosting services to small, large and public companies in Italy for nearly 10 years.

Already at work on the dawn of the internet market, DomainRegister is one of the players of the web industry in Italy.

Now we come out to the international market, with the strength of our professionalism and experience, knowing that the web is not only sharing of tools and contents, but it is also a challenge and an opportunity.

Our mission is simple: to provide a range od hosting services to the european and worldwide market, and the very best in customer support.

  • DomainRegister is a fully Accredited Registrar for .it domain names (Registrar TAG DR-REG)
  • DomainRegister has a solid and long partnership with many major international player of domain name market, making possible for DomainRegister the registration and management of almost every TLD available on the market
  • DomainRegister can also provide an invaluable consultancy service about any aspect (commercial, technical, administrative, legal) of domain registration

BIC - Kraška ulica 2, 6210 Sežana (SI)

VAT ID SI18961215 - Registration number 7209975000
D-U-N-S 522498363

PERSOLVO is the latin for "I solve problems in the right way"