DomainRegister is not (yet) your Registrar?
Doesn't matter: you can still use our powerful and reliable DNS service!

Each domain registered through DomainRegister has a powerful and flexible DNS management service available for free.

However, this DNS management service is also made available for domains that are not registered and maintained through ours.

So, if your Registrar provides a poor DNS service, or doesn't provide it at all, you can still take advantage of our DNS service, with the same powerful management tools and the same high quality.

DNS basic

€ 3.00 yearly

  • Basic DNS management service, fully customizable
  • manageable records:
  • A (up to 30)
  • AAAA (up to 30)
  • CNAME (up to 20)
  • MX (up to 10)
  • SRV (up to 6)
  • TXT (up to 15)
  • (this service is free if you transfer your domain to DomainRegister)
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€ 7.00 yearly

  • Extended DNS management service, fully customizable
  • manageable records:
  • A (up to 500)
  • AAAA (up to 500)
  • CNAME (up to 200)
  • MX (up to 100)
  • SRV (up to 500)
  • TXT (up to 500)
  • CAA (up to 100)
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  • Served from fully redundant infrastructure, distributed in three different coutries worldwide

  • Up to 2 million queries per domain per month

  • works with any domain, registered through DomainRegister or any other Registrar

Powerful and reliable

  • 100% uptime ... for years
    DomainRegister doesn't just vaguely promise 99.9% uptime ... our DNS service has been running without interruption since 2011!
    Maintenance, updates, upgrades and failures have always been managed without ever compromising service continuity.

  • powered by PowerDNS
    Market leader, PowerDNS stands out for its reliability and flexibility