25 February 2019

PHP 5.6 end of life

PHP 5.6 anf PHP 7.0 hitted EOL (End of Life) on December 31th, 2018.

We continued to support PHP 5.6 in our shared hosting environments cause of their diffusion and popularity, but going on in using them bring to heavy security concerns.


  • March 31th, 2019 we'll set up PHP 7.2 as  default PHP version for every hosted site 

  • if needed, our user will have the choice to revert back to any of following versions:
    PHP 5.5
    PHP 5.6
    PHP 7.0
    PHP 7.1
    but at their own risk

  • we reserve, in future, to cancel the availability of any PHP version which hitted EOL. 


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