10 July 2019

Introducing the .eu eligibility to EU citizens

On March 29 the new .eu Regulation was published in the Official Journal of the European Union. The new Regulation aims to adapt the current rules to the fast-changing domain name industry in order to strengthen the link with the growing Digital Single Market which focuses on European values like multilingualism, privacy protection, and security.

The new Regulation will be applicable from 13 October 2022, except for article 20 which introduces eligibility to EU citizens residing in non-EU countries. Article 20 will apply as of 19 October 2019 and will allow EU citizens to register a .eu domain name regardless of residency.
This new criterion may in certain circumstances reduce the impact of coming .eu domain revocation for EU citizens residing in Great Britain and that, as for BREXIT, would see their domain be revoked. 

The Terms and Conditions and the Registration Policy will be updated accordingly to reflect the amended eligibility criteria.

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