Common Credit Card Transaction Response Code

In return of a credit card transaction, there will returned a 2-digit response code which is grossly standadized.

If you manage an ecommerce, these codes are useful and important because you can understand why a customer is not able to pay.

Most common code as follow:

00  Approval
01 Declined - Call Issuer
04 Declined - Pick Up Card
05 Declined - Do Not Honor 
12 Declined - Invalid Transaction
13 Declined - Card Amount Invalid
14 Declined - Card Number Invalid
15 Declined - No Such Issuer
19 Declined - Re-Enter
51 Declined - Insufficient Funds
54 Declined - Card Expired
57 Declined - Service Not Allowed
61 Declined - Customer Exceeds Withdrawal Limit
62 Declined - Restricted SIC Code
63 Declined - Restricted
65 Declined - Customer Exceeds Activity Limit
78 Declined - No Account
85  Approval
97 Declined - CVV MisMatch 

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