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A condition for the issuance of the Trusted SSL certificate or one of its available options – MultiDomain and Wildcard – is successful confirmation by the Subscriber of his/her authority over the certified domain, verification of access to an e-mail address and positive verification of the Subscriber’s identity.

To perform verification of domain, during enrollment you can choose one of three available verification methods:

  • e-mail address verification by clicking on the verification link sent by CERTUM to the e-mail in the domain (i.e.:,,,, or,
  • verification of domain access by uploading to the server a „html” file, whose name will be given to you by CERTUM or,
  • verification of the domain access by creating an appropriate TXT record in DNS, whose content you shall receive from CERTUM.

For each of the above-mentioned methods you will receive a message from CERTUM containing all data needed to perform verification and a special activation link that must be used after applying the required changes to the certified domain. The domain will be automatically verified, about which you will be informed in a special message.

Verification of access to an e-mail address – click the verification link sent after the activation of the certificate (if the address is included in the certificate).

In order to verify the Subscriber’s identity, CERTUM requires delivery of copies of the following documents within 7 days:

  • copy of ID document  – in Latin characters – (identity card, passport, permanent residence card, driving licence) of a person filing a certification application – the copy should depict the entire document (both sides),

  • certificate of employment, authorisation or power of attorney confirming the relationship of the person ordering the certificate with the organization – only when the applicant doesn’t appear in the relevant registry as a person authorized to represent the company

  • company registration documents – only in the case where the company doesn’t possess the DUNS number (it’s impossible to verify the company by using this number or by using national registration number)

  • bill paid for the domain or statement by the domain owner on the exclusive right vested in the Subscriber to use the domain name – only in the case when the domain is not registered in the WHOIS database or the information contained therein shows that the Subscriber is not the domain owner.

All the collected documents should be sent to CERTUM PCC by one of the following methods:

  • via e-mail as a scanned copy to: (recommended)
  • by fax to: +48 91 4257 422
  • via post to the address:

    ul. Bajeczna 13
    71-838 Szczecin


In justified cases the CERTUM PCC Team may ask to be provided with additional documents necessary for correct verification.

Phone verification

The contact phone number used for the phone verification of the certified organization has to match the number found in qualified sources of information such as public business and organization registers.

(e.g. DUNS,, or other public databases which are qualified as reliable and credible).
In case the phone number mismatch, the verification will be carried out using documents.

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